We work with many different kinds of clients from home owners, realtors, investors to landlords and really anyone wanting new carpet. Even though all of these clients have different reasons for replacing carpet, they all seem to have one common question: “So how does carpet compare to vinyl or other hard surface options?”

This is a great question and there are many things to consider and talk about that are easily overlooked when trying to see what is best for your project. We’ll break down Budget, Lead Times and common pros & cons of each product.

Example: Residential home with 1,000 SQFT of flooring needing replacement. 

For the sake of comparison, let’s pretend you have to replace 1,000 SQFT of flooring in a residential home. If you were trying to decide between carpet or vinyl, hopefully the following information will be very helpful.


For a fair budget comparison, we’ll use mid-range material prices for both the carpet and vinyl materials. At the time of writing this blog post (April 2022) the top selling vinyl on Home Depot’s website is $3.29 and then we’ll use one of our top selling carpet options here at Carpet Now.

You’ll notice that the list of materials and labor for the vinyl project is significantly longer than the carpet project. Simply put, there is just more work and variables involved with any hard surface project when compared with carpet.

At this point, you might find yourself saying “There is no way these prices are real, I’ve seen cheaper quotes in the past!” No, you’re not crazy. Everything has been different since the pandemic hit in 2020. Let me explain…

Covid Changed Everything

Without trying to go too far down the rabbit hole, the price gap between vinyl and carpet has dramatically widened ever since the pandemic. There are many reasons for this price gap widening but it has to do with supply chain issues, freight and tariffs (nearly all vinyl is made overseas while carpet is still made in the USA). For example, an international shipping container used to be $2,500 and now they are nearly $30k each. If for nothing else, the shipping & freight industry has turned the hard surface flooring world upside down. There are other reasons I won’t go into but you can ask anyone in the flooring industry and they’ll tell you they are just as shocked as you are how much things have changed the last few years.

Lead Time

While I cannot speak for other carpet companies I can tell you our typical lead time is less than a week from the time of order. Once we start the installation we can complete nearly all projects in 1 day.

For vinyl or other hard surface installations, the lead times can vary from 4-12 weeks depending on whether that material is in stock and if labor is available. Once the installation starts, the project could take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on a few variables.

Pros & Cons Of Vinyl

Pros: Long lasting, great for pets/kids.

Cons: Loud Echo, cold when walking barefoot, expensive.

Pros & Cons Of Carpet

Pros: Soft & warm underfoot, pet proof options available, budget friendly.

Cons: Lifespan varies depending on quality of carpet and pad.

Bottom Line 

There isn’t a one size fits all answer. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each product to decide which is best for your home. We offer free consultations and our sales staff are trained to help our clients find what is best for them. We’ve built a reputation on being honest and transparent in all areas of business. Whether it’s just a phone call or install, we’ve got you covered.

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