Installation Preparation

5 Things to Remember Before Your Installation

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Clear Your Driveway

Please make sure your driveway is clear prior to our crew’s arrival so they can easily back in their trucks, unload the carpet and cut the carpet for your installation.
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Pack Up Knick-Knacks

Move all items other than large furniture pieces, including: lamps, electronics, toys, books, picture frames, etc. CarpetNow will move and replace beds, dressers, empty bookshelves, cabinets, etc.
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Prep Your Closets

Clear out the floor space in your closets. Hanging clothes can remain as long as they hang at least 3 feet above the floor.
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Pause Other Projects

Please do not have any other trade crews working in your home during this time (painters, carpenters, etc.).
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Ask Questions

Please feel free to reach out to your sales manager or our main office any time with questions prior to your installation. We would be happy to help.

Austin: 512-399-2828

Dallas: 972-581-9441

How to Get Ready and Move the Little Things

3 Packing Tips from a Mover

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