Congratulations on your new carpet purchase!

We wanted to give you a few tips to maintain your carpet and help it last for years to come. Below are some important tips to extend the life of your carpet.  

Care & Maintenance Simplified: 

  1. Vacuum twice weekly.

Vacuuming is the number one thing you can do on a regular basis that not just cleans your carpet but extends the life of the carpet significantly. Every time you vacuum you are pulling up the fibers of the carpet and reducing the likelihood of worn down traffic patterns showing up prematurely.

  1. Annual Professional Steam Cleaning.

Carpet manufacturers know how important it is to have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 months. That’s why they state in their warranties; if the carpet is not professionally cleaned every 12 months it will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Remember to keep your receipts because manufacturers require them in order to submit a warranty claim. Even if you never have a claim, cleaning your carpets annually will greatly extend the life of your carpet beyond the average life expectancy.

Warranty & Care Information

We sell a variety of brands and most likely the brand you purchased from us will be listed and linked below. In the event that you do not see your manufacturer listed, please contact us and we will supply you with the available documentation from your carpet manufacturer.

Each brand contains a link to their respective warranty and also a care & maintenance guide as well. Thoroughly review all documents supplied by your carpet manufacturer to ensure that you are complying with the guidelines to help your carpet last as long as possible.

Click the brand name below that matches the carpet listed on your invoice.

Earthwerks | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Prestige | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Shaw | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Tuftex | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Mohawk | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Masland | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Dreamweaver / Engineered Floors / MJS / BBS | Warranty | Care & Maintenance


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