BPI Prestige Carpet is a private label floor covering and decorative surface distributor representing the industry’s top vendors and manufacturers.

BPI Prestige Carpet Manufacturers: 

The Prestige Carpet series is made up of several carpet manufacturers listed below. Your Carpet Now Invoice will say one of the following (Prestige (M), Prestige (S), Prestige (DW), Prestige (USM). Use the links below to match up your carpet purchase with the manufacturer associated with that style of Carpet. 

Prestige (M) – Mohawk Carpet  Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Prestige (S) – Shaw Carpet  | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Prestige (DW) – Dreamweaver / Engineered Floors | Warranty | Care & Maintenance

Prestige (USM) – US Mills | Warranty

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