Nearly every day we receive phone calls from clients asking about stair runner pricing, designs and how to go about this type project. This blog post will help answer many common questions and help give you an idea for pricing, time frames and design options.

Stair runners can be an excellent way to enhance the look of your existing hardwood stairs. Our clients will put stair runners on their stairs for various reasons and we are here to help facilitate this need in a timely manner. 

Top Reasons People Install Stair Runners

  1. Safety. If you’ve lived on hardwood stairs long enough you know that both people and pets tend to slip pretty easily going up or down the hardwood stairs. Carpet has much more grip and will allow people & pets to safely go up and down the stairs with ease.

  2. Design. There is no question adding a stair runner over the wood stairs creates a jaw dropping, magazine worthy design to your home. Many designers would agree that stair runners are an excellent way to make a fashion statement at an affordable cost.

  3. Covering wood scratches/damages. For home owners who have dogs with nails, it is very common to see wood scratches on their stairs from the dog going up and down the stairs every day. A beautiful stair runner will go right over the high traffic areas with scratches and problem solved!

Custom Stair Runners & Pre-Made Stair Runners

There are two primary ways to go about putting a decorative carpet over the wood stairs. There are pros and cons to both methods so it will be best to read about both options to see which direction is best for you and your home.

Straight Stair Runner
Fanned Stair Runner

Option 1: Custom Stair Runners


  1. Unlimited Product selection. We can turn any “regular” carpet into a custom stair runner by cutting it down to fit the exact size you need it to be on your stairs.

  2. Fanned Stairs, landings and turns. If you have stairs with lots of turns or fanned stairs, you might have to go with a custom stair runner to create the right look for your home. Pre-made stair runners can be limited in how they are laid out and don’t always work if you have stairs with large turns or landings.


  1. Higher cost. When custom stair runners are needed we will have to bring the material into the home and cut the carpet to fit exactly to your stairs. Once it is cut, we then have to deliver the carpet off-site to have it professionally bound. After it is bound we then deliver the carpet back to the home and install it on the stairs.

  2. Longer lead time. Because of the multi-step process explained above, this timeline can take longer and for clients in a rush, this may not be the ideal solution.

Average cost (material, labor, tax, etc): $1,900- $2,500.

Average timeframe: 2-4 weeks.

Material options: This can vary greatly, it is best to speak with our sales team to see colors and discuss products in person.

Option 2: Pre-made Stair Runners


  1. Affordability. The pre-made stair runners will be more cost effective and quicker to install because typically the material is sourced online and ready to install the same day we arrive for installation.

  2. Turn around Time. Since we do not need to have the edges custom bound, we are able to show up and install the runner the same day the installation is scheduled.


  1. Limited selection. While there are many online options to source material you may have trouble finding the exact design you have pictured in your mind.

  2. Landings & fanned stairs may not be possible. When purchasing a pre-made stair runner, they are typically made for stairs there are standard size and shape going straight up to the second floor without any turns or landings.

Average cost (material, labor, tax, etc) $650 – $1200

Average time frame: 1 Day to install (once material is on site)

Material options: Amazon (click here) and (click here)

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