Here at Carpet Now we want to give you as many options as possible to finance your carpet project. Below are the three ways we help you pay for your carpet replacement. Starting with Synchrony, Wisetack and finally, Pay At Close. Please read the blog post below and click any of the links provided to learn more information. Lastly, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Synchrony Financing Explained Terms: 12 Months Interest Free 

Using Synchrony financing is extremely straightforward and easy. When our clients elect to use this option we can offer 12 months of interest free financing. Below are step by step instructions to apply for financing and finance your carpet purchase.

Step 1:
Apply for the financing starting at this link: 

Step 2:
Once approved, you will be given a 16 digit account number. Send this information to your sales rep along with your drivers license state and expiration date for verification purposes. 

Step 3:
We will apply the financing payment to your invoice and email you a receipt. All future monthly payments will be made between you and Synchrony Bank. 

See this link below to answer all of your questions related to Synchrony Financing. 

Common Question: “I do not see 12 months interest free financing anywhere on their website?”
Synchrony will not advertise their financing terms on their website because they allow each retailer to offer various financing options depending on what the retailer is willing to offer their clients. In the case of Carpet Now, we can offer our clients 12 months interest free financing and this is applied once we process the payment using your 16 digit account number.

Common Question: “Their terms and conditions state there is a 29.99% interest rate”
This only applies to your account if the balance of your invoice is not paid off in full within 12 months. 

Common Question: “When applying, does Synchrony do a hard pull or soft pull on my credit?”
Yes, Synchrony Bank will do a hard pull when you apply for a credit card.

Wisetack Financing Explained Terms: Varies between 3 to 60 Months 

Wisetack is another great option for financing your project when you’re looking for flexible payment options. The beauty of Wisetack is their financing tools are built right into our Invoicing software and you can easily apply for financing by clicking the link on the top right hand side of your estimate or invoice. 

Another perk of Wisetack is they only use a soft pull on your credit so your credit score is never affected by applying or using wisetack. See more information here:

Lastly, you have the option of selecting your financing terms based on your needs. Here is a link that will allow you to calculate your monthly payment: 

Step 1:
Click on the APPLY NOW link on your email that includes your estimate or invoice (see image above for reference).
Please note: If you click on the link in your estimate you will be pre-approved for financing but the application is not finalized. To finalize your application, you will need to click the link on your invoice

Step 2:
Once you have finalized your application, wisetack will ask you when the carpet installation is scheduled. They need this information so they can hold onto the funds until the carpet project is complete. Once the project is complete they will then release the funds to Carpet Now.

Step 3:
We will apply the financing payment to your invoice and email you a receipt after the project is complete. All future monthly payments will be made between you and Wisetack. 

If you want to get prequalified before you have your estimate from us, click here.

See this link below to answer all of your questions related to Wisetack. (click “Consumers” on the web page)

Common Question: “When applying, does Wisetack do a hard pull or soft pull on my credit?”
Unlike many lenders, Wisetack only runs a single soft credit check for both the application and approval process. This means customers can see and review options, choose preferred terms, and finalize the loan without having to worry about credit impact.

Pay At Close Explained Terms: Payment upon selling your home or 90 days after carpet installation (whichever comes first) 

If you’re selling your home, Carpet Now offers an in house Pay At Close option that has helped many of our clients over the years. Moving is expensive and trying to get your home ready for the market can be a daunting task. That is why we offer the easiest Pay At Close option in the industry. 

We do not check credit or ask for any money down during this Pay At Close financing option. There is a fee associated with this offer and it is applied to the invoice. 

Step 1:
Inform your salesman that you’d like to use the Pay At Close before moving forward with the carpet project. They will add the fee to the invoice and send you a Docusign email so we can collect more information about when you are listing your home on the market and who the realtor is. 

Step 2:
Fill out the Docusign that has been sent to your email. 

Step 3:
Inform your realtor that you are contracting Carpet Now to install new carpet and will elect to use the Pay At Close Option. Ask the realtor to send the Invoice to the title company. 

Step 4a (Home is sold within 90 days or less)
Once the home has sold, Title will pay Carpet Now directly for the balance of the invoice. 

Step 4b (Home has not sold, nor under contract within 90 days)
If the home is still on the market after 90 days from installation (and is not currently under contract), we will need to collect full payment of the carpet invoice. You can use our Synchrony, Wisetack financing or a credit card to pay the balance of the invoice. 

Common Question: “What is the fee for using the Pay At Close option?”
Any invoice up to $2,500 will have an additional $250 processing fee added to the invoice.
If the invoice is above $2,500 there will be a $500 processing fee added to the invoice. 

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