On days where we have a lot of rain in Texas it can pose as a potential issue for carpet installation. This is not always the case but I wanted to take a minute and explain what can and cannot be done depending on the situation that day.

First Why Does It Matter?

Carpet material comes in a very large roll that is 12’ wide and the length will vary depending on how much carpet was purchased for your job size (for example, 1,500 SQFT of carpet would be 125’ long x 12’ wide roll of carpet).

On the day of installation, the crew has to roll out the carpet, cut the carpet for the rooms and then take the carpet inside the home for installation. Generally speaking, driveways work best because there is more room to work with the carpet material.

Example 1: Rain in the morning or all day

The best solution is to make sure there are two car bays open in the garage. When our crew can load the carpet directly from their truck into the garage they will have enough room to make the cuts they need and continue to install carpet throughout the day without any interruption. The key is to make sure they have two car bays open. If the garage is full of furniture or only one car bay is open, that will not be enough room to roll out the carpet and make the necessary cuts for installation.

Example 2: Rain in the afternoon

If our installation team is scheduled to start installing carpet in the morning and the rain will not hit that area until the afternoon then we are probably not going to be effected by the rain. Reason being, we can make our cuts in the driveway (normally no more than 2 hours of work), take all of the carpet inside and then install the carpet throughout the day even if its raining outside.

Bottom Line

We have a vested interest in making sure your carpet material and installation is as smooth and safe as possible. We stand behind our warranties and have zero interest in making a decision that could damage your carpet investment. We take it seriously when people entrust their business to us and we always strive to deliver exceptional service for every customer, every day.

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