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Experience Excellence Made Simple: Carpet Now's Unique Approach to Quick & Quality Carpet Installation

Finding and installing the perfect carpet doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a convenience and quality business model, Carpet Now sets itself apart by simplifying the carpet installation process without compromising on excellence.

Embracing Locally-Sourced, USA-Made Carpets

In an industry where outsourcing is often the norm, Carpet Now is committed to sourcing carpets locally in Texas and ensuring all products are made in the USA. This commitment supports local manufacturers, promotes American jobs, and guarantees clients receive high-quality, durable products. The peace of mind of knowing that the carpet underfoot is made to stringent U.S. standards is priceless.

Guaranteed Installation in Less Than 5 Business Days

In today’s fast-paced world, nobody wants to wait weeks for their new carpet to be installed. Carpet Now guarantees installation will occur in less than five business days from purchase, two times faster than our competitors! This impressive turnaround time demonstrates how the company values customers’ time and strives to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience.

In-Home Showroom and Designer Choices

Choosing the right carpet can be overwhelming. Having to drive down to the business, be overwhelmed by the number of choices, and struggle to find someone to help is exhausting.  Carpet Now’s innovative solution to this challenge is an in-home showroom.

Customers can view and feel various carpet options in the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, each carpet type has been hand-picked by a designer, assuring customers that they’re viewing the best of the best. Our carpets have been curated by a professional, so we carry a smaller variety of timeless carpets for years to come. This personalized experience takes the stress out of the carpet selection process and ensures a perfect match with the home’s decor.

Catering to Every Budget

Carpet Now firmly believes that quality carpets should be accessible to all, irrespective of their budget. We offer a range of products at multiple price points to achieve this. Whether clients are looking for an economical solution for a rental property or a luxurious carpet for their dream home, Carpet Now can cater to their needs without breaking the bank.

We also include all the extras in our pricing, from padding to taxes. That way, you know exactly what you are paying for and are paying 20 – 25% less than big box stores.

Free Consultations & Estimates

Deciding on a significant investment like a carpet can be daunting. Carpet Now’s free consultations provide customers expert guidance to navigate the myriad options. In addition, the company also provides free, no-obligation estimates. This upfront cost transparency eliminates unpleasant surprises and allows customers to make informed decisions.

We can even have your home measured and your installation scheduled within 45mins of entering your home. We strive to be efficient with our time, so you can return to enjoying your home.

One-Day Installation

After choosing the perfect carpet, a customer’s last desire is a lengthy, disruptive installation process. Carpet Now has streamlined its operations to complete the installation in just one day. Quick yet efficient, the company’s professional installers ensure a flawless finish without inconvenience to the homeowner.

We also move all large furniture free of charge. All we ask is that you pick up the small items.

Experience the Carpet Now Difference

Carpet Now’s unique approach to carpet sourcing, installation, and customer service sets it apart in the industry. The company has revolutionized the carpet installation process, emphasizing local products, quick service, and customer convenience.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your home’s carpeting. Experience the ease and excellence of Carpet Now’s services today. Whether it’s the locally-sourced, designer-curated options of the in-home showroom, the guaranteed speedy installation, or the vast range of budget-friendly choices, there’s no doubt that Carpet Now is the ideal partner for your carpet installation needs.

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