Over the years we’ve picked up many myths that frankly are just not accurate. We love to educate our clients and decided to put together a short list of 4 myths and facts.

Myth: Big Box Stores offer better pricing.
Fact: Carpet Now clients save between 25-33% when compared to big box retailers (i.e. Home Depot & Lowes).

Myth: Home owners must move out of their home during installation.
Fact: Carpet Now moves all furniture and puts the furniture back in 1 day. All client’s can be rest assured that their home will be back in order by end of the work day.

Myth: Carpet is easily ruined by pet stains.
Fact: Our level 2 and level 3, solution dyed carpets are so stain resistant that they come with a lifetime warranty against pet stains.

Myth: When selling a home, offering a carpet allowance is better than replacing carpet
Fact: Homes sell faster and at higher listing prices when they are ‘ready to go’ as opposed to ‘needs work’.

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