Carpet vs Vinyl Comparison

Carpet vs Vinyl Comparison

We work with many different kinds of clients from home owners, realtors, investors to landlords and really anyone wanting new carpet. Even though all of these clients have different reasons for replacing carpet, they all seem to have one common question: “So how does carpet compare to vinyl or other hard surface options?”  This is […]

Can I Match My Carpet?

Matching Carpets

Nearly every day we receive phone calls and the first question the client will lead with is “Hello! Is there a way you can match the carpet in my home?” There are many reasons people try to match carpet and it could be because they only want to replace one room of carpet, they have […]

Carpet Allowance vs. Carpet Replacement

Carpet Allowance vs. Carpet Replacement

When I meet with client’s looking to sell their home one of the most common questions I hear is “should I spend the money to replace the carpet or just give prospective home buyer’s a carpet allowance?” It is a great question and from our own collective experience combined with the advice of many realtor’s […]

KXAN Interview

KXAN Carpet Now Ben Hendrix Interview

A few weeks ago Ben was interviewed for KXAN’s Studio 512 episode featuring business’ at the Austin Home & Garden Show! Click the video below to watch the clip featuring Carpet Now!

How Can Carpet Withstand Pet Stains?

How Can Carpet Withstand Pet Stains

“How is it possible that new carpet can resist pet stains?” We are asked this same question every day! I made a little video explaining how carpet fiber technology has changed in the last few years and what makes this possible. Hope you enjoy!

Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts

Over the years we’ve picked up many myths that frankly are just not accurate. We love to educate our clients and decided to put together a short list of 4 myths and facts. Myth: Big Box Stores offer better pricing. Fact: Carpet Now clients save between 25-33% when compared to big box retailers (i.e. Home […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Carpet in Your Home

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Carpet In Your Home

We recently came across a lifestyle blogger (Sarah Jacot) who put together a fantastic blog with her top 4 reasons to have carpet in your home. She covers reasons concerning decor, health and lifestyle. Click here to visit her web page and hear what she has to say! 

Are you comfortable laying on your carpet?

Reading on Carpet

Do you know what is IN your carpet? Did you know that carpet can hold up to 4 times their weight in dirt and more? If you’re moving into a home that has pre-existing carpet you may want to think about what might be hiding in that carpet. The truth is, no one really knows […]