Carpet vs Vinyl Comparison

Carpet vs Vinyl Comparison

We work with many different kinds of clients from home owners, realtors, investors to landlords and really anyone wanting new carpet. Even though all of these clients have different reasons for replacing carpet, they all seem to have one common question: “So how does carpet compare to vinyl or other hard surface options?”  This is […]

How To Remove Any Carpet Stain!

The 5 Worst Carpet Stains and How to Clean Them

When accidents happen on your carpet, it’s extremely important to use the right products and the right techniques to remove the stain without damaging the carpet. Sometimes using the wrong product on your carpet can make things worse than they were before! That is why we recommend using Capture Carpet Cleaner. We’ve had some pretty […]

How Can Carpet Withstand Pet Stains?

How Can Carpet Withstand Pet Stains

“How is it possible that new carpet can resist pet stains?” We are asked this same question every day! I made a little video explaining how carpet fiber technology has changed in the last few years and what makes this possible. Hope you enjoy!