Nearly every day we receive phone calls and the first question the client will lead with is “Hello! Is there a way you can match the carpet in my home?”
There are many reasons people try to match carpet and it could be because they only want to replace one room of carpet, they have a small area that is damaged or maybe they loved their old carpet so much they just want to redo everything with the same carpet again. 

No matter the reason, matching carpet sounds easy and straight forward but it is rarely the case. We often hear the phrase “it’s just basic beige carpet, I’m sure you have something just like it that matches”. The truth is, we probably do have something similar but there is a big difference between “Similar Carpet” and “Matching Carpet”. If it’s not the exact same carpet, it will be noticeably different once it is laid right up against the existing carpet. 

To truly match a carpet there are many variables that come into play and they all have to line up precisely. To first identify a carpet we would need the following information to determine if the carpet was still made and if more is still available. 

  1. Manufacture (Dreamweaver, Shaw, Mohawk, etc)
  2. Style Name 
  3. Color Name


There are quite a few carpet manufactures and each company makes a slightly different color, texture and feel to their carpets. Most people do not realize that if there was a flooring retailer that carried every carpet from every US manufacture, they would have to display over 20,000 different styles of carpet. 

When customers do have the Manufacture name, style name and color name we can check to see if that carpet is still made and available. Most manufactures make the same carpet for between 2-5 years so as long as it is not older than 5 years, there is a good chance we can still get the same carpet. 

If you’re finding yourself reading this post and getting discouraged because it seems like you may not be able to match your carpet, let me give you some positive insights to this situation. 

Carpet is one of the fastest changing products in the flooring industry. From a nanotechnology advancement perspective, carpet is continually improving and getting better every couple of years. For example, carpet 5 years ago is much different than carpet made today. The carpets made today are more stain resistant and hold up to more wear and tear than ever before. So when you buy a carpet today, you know that you are getting something that will out perform anything you’ve experienced in the past. 

Carpet replacement is still the most affordable flooring you can install in your home and probably not quite as expensive as you may think. Here at Carpet Now, we carry a large variety of carpets priced well for any budget. We also have several financing options to help spread out payments over whatever length of time you may need. 

Have more questions? Please contact us today as our sales teams are always eager to serve you and your family’s carpet needs. 

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